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The scent of another age


The chateau was rebuilt in the 19th century in the neo-classical style on the foundations of a fortified manor house from the early 16th century. The property then belonged to Thibault de Pierreux (circa 1540). Oriented east-west, the chateau has an exceptional panoramic view. To the east can be seen the plain of the Saône and the vines of the Brouilly appellation on the first hills of the Massif Central; on a clear day, Mont Blanc can be seen in the distance. To the north, the view is cut short by the imposing Mont Brouilly, which appears to be sheltering Pierreux and its vines.

The memories that haunt the rooms in the chateau recall the lifestyle of the Charpin-Feugerolles family, who lived there until 1949, before making way for the Goazre de Toulgoët Treanna family, who lived there on-and-off up till 2002.

The current layout preserves the spirit of the place, steeped in the nobility and elegance of the great pre-war family estates; the Château de Pierreux has recovered its former luster. The three-hectare park includes an arboretum comprising some 200 varieties of conifer. There is also a kitchen garden which follows the seasons, and winter gardens to shelter the orange trees and laurel bushes until they come out to decorate the alley leading to the chateau in springtime. Pierreux has the charm of those preserved sites where life is never interrupted, but is reborn with each harvest.