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Pierreux since the middle ages


The history of this former fortified manor dating from the 13th century is echoed in the two towers that survive from that era, one used as a pigeon coop, the other as a defensive post complete with arrow slits. The chateau has been renovated several times over the centuries. Its cellars date from the early 17th century, while the residence one sees today is from the 19th century.

The origins of the building are lost in the mists of time. Jacques Cœur, the brilliant administrator of the royal mint in the 14th century, is said to have produced silver coins from the galena mine at Pierreux. “There is a chateau known as Pierreux, which belongs to a good gentleman by the name of Thibault, who long served in the army and was called Mr. de Pierreux,” according to the History of Beaujolais (1672). 

The chateau was often passed down the female line: Arthaud de la Ferrière, then Charpin-Feugerolles, who lost their three children in the horrors of the Great War, followed by the Toulgoët family, who passed this gem on to us.