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Birth of the cuvée Réserve 2013


  Château de Pierreux  ǀ Summer 2014

The tastings at the start of the year confirmed the excellent quality of the grapes, and among the 68 vats of Brouilly Château de Pierreux, three were selected for the Cuvée Réserve 2013. The richness of the fruit and the structure exhibited the necessary qualities for the Château de Pierreux’s Brouilly Réserve.

After two months of fermentation in vats, the wine was racked off in mid-November in order to conserve only the fine lees before transferring the wines to barrels.

At this stage, the wine is aged in 228-litre Burgundy oak barrels which have been used for between two and five years, resting in the cellars of the Château to allow time for its rich tannins to soften and gain in structure. The tastings are promising, revealing complex notes of intense black fruits, truffle and pepper.

It will be another few months before this rare wine will be ready to be discovered.